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To make KIBA Rooting Solutions and IBA Rooting Solutions (alcohol free) use Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts
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ROBOT Video: Dutch Robomatic Using Rhizopon Plant Rooting Hormones

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Download: the Video (MWV)

This video shows the automated processing of cuttings using the Rombomatic robot. The robot is specially designed for decorative plants and trees. It automates the entire planting process including critical judgment of plant quality.

Stem cuttings from the mother plant are manually placed in clamps.
The stem cuttings are automatically moved to the robot modules.
The cuttings pass a camera.
Using the camera image, the system determines if the cuttings are suitable for further propagation.
The robot clips the cuttings from the stem.

The robot plants the cutting at the exact desired angle and direction in a pot or tray.
► The robot rotates the leaves into position (the leaves are positioned so that they receive light)

Application of the Rhizopon AA rooting powder
► The robot dips the basal end of the cuttings into the Rhizopon AA rooting powder

Moving the pots

► The robot moves the pots to the greenhouse
► Notice where the pots go under mister heads. These heads can be used to apply the rooting solutions by the Spray Drip Down® Method.

The robot acts like an expert in the greenhouse.
All cuttings are properly prepared.
The Rhizopon AA rooting hormone powders are uniformly applied to all the cuttings.
The robot produces better plants using lower costs in a friendly work environment

Rhizopon b.v. article: How the Robot uses Rhizopon Plant Rooting Technology

Robot Steps